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ALU windows and doors

Aluminium is one of the most durable building material, which almost does not require any conservation and with great insulation properties. An elegant aluminium profile guarantees maximum access of daylight and the variety of use.



Aluminium windows and doors manufactured by PETECKI Company are based on the systems produced by Aluprof, Yawal System, Reyaners Aluminium and others, in accordance with the designer or investor indications.

They allow the production of windows and doors from “cold” or “warm” aluminium with any functions and functional values (as fixed , tilting, tilt-and-turn, revolving, sliding, single, double, doors opening inwards or outwards, with grove-fitted or surface hinges, with door brush or threshold, sliding manually or automatic. The choice of the system depends on the requirements concerning thermal and acoustic protection, intensity of use and special demands (smoke control, anti-burglary, bullet-proof, fireproof, etc.). The offer is complemented by the entire range of colours and the construction fillings, e.g. glass, aluminium or PCV panels and accessories such as over-head door closer, pulls etc. We use only trusted hardware systems. For tilting and high-located windows, we suggest transom openers or servomotors, which enable its opening from the floor-level.

Below we present a wide range of aluminium profile systems. You will find the full description of products on the websites of system producers. 

Window and door Yawal System

TM 62

3-chamber THERMO MODULAR 62 system is used in construction and implementation of modern, requiring thermal insulation, various types of windows and doors, window displays, partition walls and vestibules. It is used mainly in external partitions (windows, balcony doors, entrance doors), in public utility buildings (schools, administration buildings, hospitals and banks) as well as in residential buildings.

TM 74
THERMO MODULAR 74 is a 3-chamber aluminium profile system, used in construction and manufacture of windows, window displays, vestibules and partition walls with an increased thermal insulation.

PI 50
Insulation Profile (PI 50) is an extended aluminium profile system, which is used in construction and production of modern, requiring thermal insulation, various types of windows and doors, window displays, partition walls and vestibules. Insulation properties are guaranteed by polyamide tapes, strengthened by fiberglass, which gives strong and durable combination.

It is a single-chamber system without thermal insulation, intended for internal installation. Wide range of profiles, including strengthened mullions, allows the large sized constructions; in case of walls even up to 8m in height.

Profile system without thermal insulation, which enables the construction of partition walls, cash boxes as well as windows and doors which do not require any thermal insulation. It is used in economical interior installation with high functional and design standard.

L 50

Loggias and balconies system of installation.

DP 94

Sliding door system.

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